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Selasa, 18 Agustus 2009

Profile of KASBI

/ On : 12.21/Terimakasih telah menyempatkan waktu untuk berkunjung di PORTAL JURNAL BORNEO. Semoga memberikan manfaat meski tidak sebesar yang Anda harapakan. untuk itu, berikanlah kritik, saran dan masukan dengan memberikan komentar. Jika Anda ingin berkontribusi atau memiliki pertanyaan seputar permasalahan daerah, silahkan hubungan kami lebih lanjut via e-mail di jurnalborneo@yahoo.co.id. Warm regards, Jurnal Borneo....
Labor struggle gradually has shown its form. The protest actions have taken place in many industrial zones in Indonesia. The oppression on labors has been revealed. Labors have started to organize themselves in either many groups or unions in both local and national scale. We unite ourselves in KASBI (Committee of Independent Unions Action) to achieve the victory of Indonesia Labor Struggle. KASBI was founded on January 1, 2003 in Tangerang Banten. At a national meeting on June 18-20, 2004 KASBI has issued a basic convention and programs with a new structure. The meeting also brought us to a consequence of a new name that is Steering Committee of Congress of Indonesia Unions Alliance ( KP KASBI ). A year later, February 4-6, 2005 The First Congress of KASBI was held in Bogor, Jawa Barat. The forum was attended by a hundred of workers from 18 unions. They came from 14 municipals which are spread in 8 provinces in Indonesia. From that time organisation name was officialy changed into KASBI-Kongres Aliansi Serikat Buruh Indonesia (Congress of Indonesia Unions Alliance).

With KASBI labors have a huge capability in struggling for their rights and interests like demonstration and strike against all the form of government policies oppressing labors and people in general. KASBI always hold solidarity action for people all over Indonesia victims of imperialism cruelty. It also struggles for better improvements of labor welfare and labor’s family. KASBI also strives for the labor law protecting the interest of labors.

The labor struggle is part of struggle of million people, peasants, progressive intellectuals and other oppressed people like urban poor and woman. Struggle against imperialism oppression, fascism and feudalism must be continuously encouraged. Obviously labors themselves are incapable of facing the imperialism. That situation emerges a historical obligation of labor struggle to get involve in the establishment of anti imperialism, fascism and feudalism front.

Labors must be united. Labors should not make a distinction that may bring up discrimination attitude among private labors, civil servant and other workers. All people working and being paid in a certain working relationship without concerning their ethnics; nation, religion, race, sex, age and political belief must establish an independent and non-partisan union.

KASBI encourages all organized labors and unorganized ones to improve common works and actions. The united labor mass with other oppressed people must continue struggling to achieve independent Indonesia and just and welfare society.

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